side clothing, must s & rsquo; adapt to the climate of Madagascar. So take light clothing, Cotton ideally, and some long sleeves to fight mosquitoes.

N & rsquo; forget not hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, indispensable to withstand the heat. For hiking on highlands, remember to take good shoes and warmer clothes, for cold nights.

In your medicine kit, be sure to take a sunscreen with a high protection factor, anti-mosquito tropical (with DEET, dosed 25-50%), anti-malarial tablets, anti-diarrhea tablets, aspirin, bandages, disinfectant, tablets against motion sickness, soothing lotion for insect bites and a balm for sunburn, Biafine type ©. Also take tampons or sanitary napkins, that & rsquo; it is difficult to find locally.

Finally, n & rsquo; not forget your camera or camera to bring back nice memories home. A travel book will also allow you to put in writing.

To put in your suitcase :

  1. Travel blog note where your impressions
  2. A waterproof bag to protect your camera equipment in case of rain
  3. A picture with a good zoom camera (or a telephoto) to photograph lemurs and many birds. Take a reserve battery for nights camping.
  4. Tampons and sanitary napkins that are difficult on site
  5. A resealable bag of washing powder
  6. A front lamp or flashlight
  7. A raincoat for wet forests of the east coast
  8. Some warmer clothes for evenings in the Highlands
  9. Cotton long-sleeved clothing to avoid mosquito bites
  10. A small bottle of disinfectant hand
  11. Cleaning wipes (during the camp steps, or more generally from any tap is not on the horizon).
  12. A sarong and a swimsuit if you want to swim
  13. A hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
  14. hiking shoes and socks that go with
  15. Your driver and a road map if you want to rent a car
  16. Your order if you are traveling with a lot of drugs


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