We could give you 100 good reasons to travel to Madagascar, As we fell in love with this country, but we will try to be brief ...!

A destination off the beaten track

Going to Madagascar, we know for sure that we will achieve an exceptional journey into a far country of mass tourism. Meet a population culturally rich, discover breathtaking landscapes, etc. We always sure to bring in our luggage unforgettable memories ... Remember : traveling to Madagascar, this is a chance to discover things that you can not see in any other part of the world ...

A land of adventure

Madagascar, this is the opportunity to experience real adventures, by walking in Tsingys, formed by the erosion of water and wind on limestone, creating of sight fields bristling rocks and sharp as razor blades. These are also the bush taxi trips, hiking in the jungle at night to observe nocturnal animals and nights spent in small bush villages. An unforgettable memory for us was, after 3 days of walking through the center of the island, the descent of the Manambolo River in dugout, several days, with the arrival Bemaraha National Park.

Scenery breath

It struck us by visiting the Red Island for the first time, is the ability of together in one trip totally different landscapes by region of the country.

The High central Lands, cradle of the Merina Culture, characterized by hills and plateaux where grow rice and various food crops. The arid south, dotted with white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The jungles of the East, Sainte Marie Island and the coast of vanilla. The mountainous north, which offers lush vegetation and spectacular rock formations. Finally, semiarid West, dotted savannas and shrublands, land excellence baobabs by home that are more strange shapes all as each other.

An exceptional fauna and flora

Madagascar are the lemurs, which one can observe many species in all regions of the island. Sometimes perched high in the trees in search of nectar and fruit, sometimes hopping in the grass of the bush, they never hesitated to pose in front of our camera ...

but Madagascar, it is mainly the majestic baobab trees that seem planted upside and whose height can reach 40 meters. Madagascar, they are also chameleons, whose colors and shapes have always amazed me, as “the traveler's tree” the shape of leaves to store water which it is said that they were real blessings for explorers.

A warm people

Madagascar, it is above all a very welcoming and friendly population that has allowed us to learn its crab fishing techniques, the cultural importance of zebu or the use of plants in traditional medicine. But also the construction of "dhows", These outrigger canoes to move and sea fishing, le travail du papier Antemoro dans la province de Province, stages of the cultivation of vanilla, handmade, as well as many knowledge and ancestral legends. visit Madagascar, it is also to meet with enthusiastic guides by their country and you will discover the wonders.


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