Madagascar is a particular language : it may seem very strange at first listen, that we are found virtually no French-sounding.

Literal translations may seem fun, hence the fact that you can understand a sentence distinguishing a few words you have learned before your trip to Madagascar.

A typical intonation islands

The Malagasy language approximates somewhat, by nature, languages ​​spoken in Malaysia, in the Phillippines, Indonesia, Tahiti or New Zealand. Because, all are from the same old common language. The little bulky side, dragging and asked phrases uttered by the Malagasy is, on the other hand, comparable to the languages ​​spoken in the Indian Ocean.

Sometimes amusing extension to words

Learning the Malagasy language is not done in a snap. Indeed, Malagasy vocabulary tends to be odometer, but your first words can be a fun time to share with your hosts, appreciate that whatever happens your effort to try to adapt to Madagascar time to stay.

Pronunciation and Accent Malagasy

And Malagasy vocabulary requires the use of the Latin alphabet modern, certain sounds, however, no equivalent and are represented by two or three letters. Also, the c, q, u and w have no place in the Madagascar spelling. To give you an idea, "o" wrote to say [or], the "e" is pronounced orally, words containing [tr] or [dr] Speak with sounds [tch] and [dz] respectively, while the words containing [to] speak out [O]. Finally, the last vowel is not pronounced and is silent, without exception.

otherwise, Madagascar is governed by numerous rules and other regional exceptions, grammar and pronunciation. You will need to practice some time, and especially, do not hesitate to ask your contacts to correct you, even if they make the effort to read what you say without interrupting.

Basic Expressions / common words

English Malagasy
Hello / good evening Salama
How are you ? Manao ahoana ianao ? ?
Very well, thank you, and you ? Tsara fa misaotra, ary ianao ?
Do you speak French / English ? Frantsay/Anglisy ve ianao ?
I understand / I do not understand Ahiko / Tsy ahiko
Pardon Azafady
Goodbye Veloma
welcome Tonga soa
Thank you (many) Misaotra (betsaka)
Excuse me / SVP Azafady
I am French(e) Frantsay aho
My name is… … no anarako
No thanks Tsia fa misaotra
Yes / No Ia / Ah-ah
You're welcome / You're welcome Tsy misy fisaorana


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