Heading for a single trip and 100% custom in Madagascar

Our local staff live on site. They know your next destination. Take advantage of their expertise and create a journey together 100% custom in Madagascar

Whatever your project : stay, circuit, cruise, week-end, honeymoon, custom ... Madagascar in individual as in group. Kijana Tours does all !

Ensemble, we will make your trip memorable !

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More than 1000 Travel ideas to discover and customize in Madagascar

From a couple or family ? Make a trek or a safari ? Our local agents offer hundreds of tour suggestions to customize according to your desires.

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Kinkony the lake at the Bay of Boeny

Antananarivo - Majunga - Mitsinjo - Lac Kinkony - Makary - Antafiandakana…

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How to prepare your trip .

Organize your holiday abroad can sometimes be stressful.

We support you and help you at each stage of

Preparations for the trip from start up & rsquo; at the end of your stay


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At the heart of authenticity

each step is a journey


The travel Noce holds all our attention so that the trip to Madagascar and Comoros is truly the best memory of newlywed.

It should allow the couple to enjoy the pleasure of discovering the island while enjoying the precious moments of complicity and intimacy in a dreamy atmosphere, surprise and relaxation.

These special touches are familiar.

Wedding planning

For those who want to this unique and original memorable moment, Kijana organizes weddings in Madagascar or Comoros spirit.

Marriage in culture in both countries is of little known wisdom foreign : the speeches, the skills, the dishes are so much wealth that deserve to be shared with the guests of honor.

What are yours. We have a team of Wedding planner, Photographers, cameramen, speakers / translators, decorators, stylists, modern or traditional musicians, DJ 'to make your marriage a success.

Teenager Concept

You are our guest :

Passion for travel, We succumbed to the charm of Madagascar and Comoros. Our tours have evolved since the creation of the agency 2006, but these feelings have never left us ....

... We want to keep the essence of travel is that of the pleasure of discovery and disorientation, the tinted encounter a few surprises, these small moments of relaxation and fun with friends and family.

They are there to interpret the nature you might seem to both foreign and strange. In short, a fascinating Madagascar!

Build together your trip 100 % tailored


You have a particular desire, a destination that makes you dream or need a change of scenery ? Tell me what you would please, I will make exactly the trip you expect





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